Monster Tales

Monster Tales

My monsters and stuff.

Hey haven’t posted for a while, Just messing around with characters

Tried to do them in the style of Skullgirls

Headhunter: old design of mine, you’ll be seeing him pop up every now and then, has a old-school horror power vibe, uses head as powers (other peoples) has a few tentative other powers… but not ready to explain them yet

Reminisce: Very early design, (even the name is not set in stone) Does not fight himself, summons moments in memories to the stage (like a soccer player sliding for a ball would be a low attack) the back of his head represents a byzantine halo that replays random memories (when not showing static) very early design. Reminisce is gender-less and is a bit of a forlorn character.

I did a small GIF for It just as an example 

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